Let’s face it. I love a great glass of wine. Why else would I be crazy enough to start my own winery! When tasting wine I like to experience what went into the making of it, from the terroir, to the vineyard, and finally the grapes. I want to drink wine for the experience of sharing it with friends and family, to evoke a wonderful past experience, to create a new memory, and to fall in love.

As an artisan winemaker selling something special is better then being the least-cost producer of a commodity. Most people are looking for a connection between what they eat and drink and the person who made it or the place it came from.

I strive to make the best wine possible, but won’t guarantee that they will taste the same from year to year. I want to be able to incorporate the variability of a growing season into the bottle of wine. Just like each vineyard will impart a different flavor and aroma profile onto the wine, each growing season is different from the last and this will also be reflected in my wine. I will also strive to be as green a business as possible, reducing carbon and fossil fuel usage wherever possible and purchasing grapes from organic or sustainably farmed vineyards.

I started Eight Arms Cellars because of my love of wine and winemaking. I spent many years studying winemaking, attending classes at both UC Davis and Napa Valley College and I worked two harvests as an intern at Dashe Cellars in Oakland, California.

Eight Arms does not yet have it’s own winery. I make the wine at Dashe Cellars in Oakland. However our business office is located in Berkeley, California.

Lastly, as you navigate through my website, you may come across a picture of my son, Oscar. He is an energetic 11 year old that already aspires to being a winemaker! And don’t forget to...


Iain Boltin, owner/winemaker


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